Brick Blacksmith’s Shop in Chester, NY, $625K

  |  December 21, 2021
former blacksmith shop

Forge a new path with this former blacksmith shop, renovated from top to bottom into an enchanting country house in the Hudson Valley. 

Back in the early 1800s, there was nothing luxurious about a blacksmithy. They were dirty and hot, where smithys performed strenuous and dangerous hard labor. While the Craigville Forge was once such a place, these days, it’s a far-cry from its salt-of-the-earth past, more “English country house” than “sweaty pre-Industrial workshop.”

former blacksmith shop

The 2,107-square-foot interior holds on to its rustic past in the form of exposed brick walls, original wood floors, rough-hewn beams and trim, and stonework. However, it’s been given some key modern updates like ductless central air conditioning, new bathroom fixtures, and kitchen appliances.

former blacksmith shop

There are three floors on offer here, with the main living area on the ground floor, and a second living area on the second floor where the original forge was situated. Here, there’s also a second kitchen, as well as a wood-burning stove, two bedrooms, and two full baths.

former blacksmith shop former blacksmith shop

The third-story loft is accessible via stone stairs and includes a guest room with en suite bath.

As for the grounds of the 2.2-acre property, it’s a verdant wonderland with its own babbling creek and stone patio to watch it flow by, gardens galore, lots of old-growth trees, and an in-ground heated pool. I bet those old-time smithys would’ve loved a mid-afternoon dip, don’t you think?

former blacksmith shop

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