Former Marlborough Hotel Needs a Facelift, $689,900

  |  August 17, 2015
28 woodcrest milton ny2

Built in the early 20th century and dubbed the Marlborough Hotel, this 12 bedroom beauty needs a fresh update so you can start checking in the guests. Is it possible that it’s only 5400 square feet? We say only 5400 square feet because it has 12 bedrooms. It doesn’t seem all that cramped on the inside, though, but if you’re planning for each room to have a private bath (because YES, that’s what you should do), you will need to expand it from its current number of 4. Sits on 3 acres and includes a heated 3 car garage and some lovely original interior woodwork.

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28 Woodcrest Lane, Milton (K Fortuna Realty)

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