Former Seasonal Cottage-turned-All Season Sanctuary in Sullivan County, $94,500

  |  May 18, 2017

This charming log cabin is situated in Smallwood, a lake community in Sullivan County about 10 minutes from the site of the original 1969 Woodstock concert. To find out more about the Smallwood lake community, go here, or here, especially if you need an insider’s look at it.

Originally built in 1940 as a seasonal bungalow, it’s since been upgraded to an all-season cabin. Keep in mind, this cabin is small at just under 550 square feet on a half-acre of land, so keep that in mind when you consider spending some time there in the winter. It’s also not a secluded lot. Smallwood is fairly tightly-packed community. However, if you’re looking for just that type of environment for your Catskills cabin, this could be your spot.

Located less than two hours from NYC.

107 E Kenoza Place, White Lake (Malek Properties)



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