Friday Eye-Candy: River House in Coxsackie

  |  October 17, 2014
basil walter in coxsackie

From Architectural Digest. Photo by William Waldron

Architectural Digest recently featured this stunning modern riverfront house in Coxsackie designed by Basil Walter. And no, sadly, it is not on the market, so we’ll have to yearn for it from afar. Walter designed the house for a client and built it on a swath of historic farmland resplendent with rolling meadows and Hudson River vistas. With views like these, why wouldn’t you build a house made almost entirely of glass? The house is cantilevered over the river, and we can’t help but wonder if standing on the balcony makes one feel as if they’re floating weightless over the water. Built with sustainability in mind, the 2007 property includes solar panels on the roof and geothermal heating and cooling. Want to take a look around? Here’s a link to the slideshow. We think we might need to take a tour of the inside. You know, for noble journalistic purposes. More of Basil Walter’s work can be found here.

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