Friday Fancy: Grange Hall in Claverack, $2,350,000

  |  October 19, 2012

Sure, we found some million dollar farm houses on the market in Ghent this week, and they’re nice, but in our eyes, they didn’t quite rise to the level of fanciness that we’ve come to enjoy on Fridays. This grange hall in Claverack, however, is a knock-out. Although lacking in the usual Friday Fancy bells and whistles (pools, guesthouses, outdoor kitchens, etc), the view of the Catskill Mountains from this Greek Revival hall took our breath away. Also loving the big open floor plan, the patios, and the granite fireplace. According to the listing, this is one of 6 homes built on 300 acres in the Catskill View Preserve. Simply stunning.

Catskill View Road, Claverack (Gabel Real Estate) GMAP

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