Friday Fancy Returns: Cornwall Greek Revival, $799,000

  |  January 31, 2014


Well, Friday Fancy Returns just for this week, anyway. Normally we post a five-figure property on Fridays, but since we devoted this entire week to those, we though we’d switch things up a bit. We pulled this beautiful Greek Revival straight from our own real estate listings , and it certainly fits the fancy criteria. Looking like it was pulled straight from the Antebellum south, this property is located in the Orange County village of Cornwall on Hudson and comes with views of the Hudson River from the look-out room on the roof. Includes a carriage house and two acres of land. If you decide to look at the Google Streetview, it’s a little confusing. The mini-estate is actually tucked away from Duncan Avenue and bordered by Summer Winds Court. In typical Orange County fashion, the taxes are absurd.






Beds: 6

Baths: 2

Square Feet: 4,615

Lot Size: 1.86 acres

Taxes: $23,120

60 Duncan Avenue, Cornwall on Hudson (Ellen Kelly) GMAP

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