From Bloomville With Love


Lakefront Contemporary in Bloomville

Price/night: $500
Accommodations: Full house, 3 bedrooms
Max guests: 7
Min stay: 2 nights
House description:
Lulu’s lakefront rental is a weekender’s dream framed in knotty wood paneling and rough cut stone. With the water just beyond the spacious deck, and five acres of land to explore, the house itself is more of a headquarters for planning tomorrow’s adventure, but oh, what a lovely HQ it is. Sure, it’s no MI6, but this rental is just remote enough and just elegant enough to be the perfect setting for your team’s next mission. (Murder mystery party? Lakefront wedding? Post-kayak cookout? The possibilities are endless, especially with wifi…)

Sample reviews:

“Unbelievably gorgeous property and house. My wife, four sons and a grandparent fit very comfortably. The fishing, kayaking and wildlife made for a great time. Would highly recommend and suggest any families going to the area for baseball tournaments strongly consider staying here. Thank you, LuLu!”

“Lulu’s lake house was a fantastic retreat. Clean, modern, and salacious, we had a great time cooking at the house, enjoying the lawn, and of course swimming the private lake.

Though 3 hours away, we enjoyed the drive and stopped by various markets and towns one the way up and down from NYC. This is a part of NY that folks should find time to enjoy.”

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About Elizabeth Wilson

Elizabeth Wilson is an Upstater born and bred with a generalist’s education and a specialist’s passion for the Hudson Valley. Ask nicely and she’ll make you a bagel sandwich. Ask really nicely and she’ll accompany that bagel sandwich with a Bob Dylan impersonation.

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