From the Classifieds: Share a Lakehouse?

  |  August 7, 2012

So, this has been up in our Classifieds section for a while, and we’re intrigued. We really wish there were more pictures — what’s the inside of that house like? How big is the yard? How much privacy is there? We don’t know that part. What we know is that it’s a house right next to a lake (sounds good so far) and the owners are looking to share it with another couple or single or family.

The house is in Cold Spring, a two-bedroom cottage that’s only an hour away from NYC, they say (and accessible by public transportation — a car-free country house contender).

Here’s a description of the lake:
“The gorgeous lake is short 5-minute walk from the house and has a covered gazebo, sand beach, floating dock, 2 regular docks and a small clubhouse. There are no motorboats allowed on the lake, providing a peaceful oasis for nature-lovers.”

Here’s a description of the house:
“Fully furnished with 2 bathrooms, a fireplace, wood paneling and lovely hardwood floors. Amenities include Central A/C, Wireless Internet, a washer/dryer unit and a recently installed roof skylight. There is also a separate bedroom deck and a flagstone terrace on our double-sized lot.”

Rates, they say, are negotiable.

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