From the Listings: Stone Prairie Style in Delhi, $259,000

  |  April 9, 2012

Here’s a beaut that showed up in our self-service real estate listings: a prairie-style home in Delhi for $259,000. It has three beds, one-and-a-half baths and taxes of $275 (we assume that’s a month, yes, homeowner?).

It also has a beautiful kitchen, a lovely modern-ish renovation that hasn’t stripped the place of charm (we like the Design Within Reach/IKEA light fixtures, for instance) and a sweet yard. We also like the proper Feng Shui of the staircase, and, mm, that porch.

Delhi is on our list of places to investigate further. Any tips on the spot from our audience?

Also, if you want to add your own house in Upstater’s real estate section, it’s $10 for rentals and $25 for sales. Give us some good stuff to drool over!



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