Fully-Renovated 1890s Farmhouse near Kingston’s Waterfront, $179,000

  |  March 7, 2016
23 lindsley ave kingston ny

Like our earlier post on 197 Bruyn Avenue, this 19th-century house has been completely renovated and jam-packed with new stuff like the furnace, water heater, roof, and tile. And, like the other earlier property, the floors are looking good. However, this one is over $100,000 cheaper and about 600 square feet smaller. We’re not complaining, though. For a couple or a small family, this could be a tidy little home near one of Kingston’s hidden gems: Kingston Point Park.

The park, located at the junction of the Rondout Creek and Hudson River in east Kingston, offers some dramatic views of the river and the Rondout Creek Lighthouse. Here’s a shot we took in January on a blustery day filled with filtered winter light:


Nice, right? The trail takes you along the water front and the railroad tracks. It’s not a manicured, landscaped park. It’s a gritty little park with a ruin and here and there serving as reminders to Kingston’s industrial roots…and that’s just the kind of park we love.

Meanwhile, back at the house…

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23 Lindsley Avenue, Kingston (Coldwell Banker Village Green)

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