Funky Hyde Park Mid-Mod, $178,900

  |  March 5, 2015

The previous owners of this Dutchess County charmer were not afraid to take a little risk, and the result is a living space full of bright and delightful surprises hidden within a relatively unassuming exterior. With the bold hues of the kitchen and bedrooms, the home features plenty of personality in not a whole lot of square footage. We do love our wide open spaces, but we’re keeping an eye on this house anyway, since we could easily spread out and lounge around on the patio as soon as the weather warms up. (If you aren’t currently in the know, they say at some point in the near future a large orb of gas will appear in the sky and we’ll all have to start shopping for shorts.)

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1507 Route 9g (Weichert) GMAP

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