Classy Cottage Cozy with the Shawangunk Ridge, $695K

  |  October 30, 2021
gardiner craftsman cottage

Get ready to go head-over-heals for this Gardiner Craftsman cottage awash in natural light and woodsy touches. 

Can you think of anything more romantic and enchanting than a rustic cottage situated in the shade of a towering weeping willow? It’s certainly at the top of our list of romance/enchantment, although we use the term “rustic” somewhat loosely, and you’ll see why when you virtually step inside the 1,791-square-foot interior.

gardiner craftsman cottage

What’s even more impressive is that the current owners took this 1950s cottage and turned it into a dreamboat using recycled and reclaimed materials, including the stone and wood flooring, trim, support beams…

gardiner craftsman cottage gardiner craftsman cottage

…even the granite that envelopes the gourmet-worthy kitchen has been upcycled.

gardiner craftsman cottage

The ranch-style home includes two bedrooms and two full baths…

…and a nifty covered back porch to go with the floor-to-ceiling, arts-and-crafts window that bring in all the light.

All of this Mission-style goodness sits on over a half-acre right next door to the Shawangunk Ridge, striking-distance from Mohonk Preserve and Minnewaska State Park, as well as New Paltz village just five minutes away. If you lived here, that glorious willow will be the only one weeping.

gardiner craftsman cottage

Got designs on this Gardiner Craftsman cottage? Find out more about 25 Glen Circle Drive, Gardiner, NY from Exp Realty. 

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