Party Down with GARNER Arts Center at the Brick Alley Block Party September 22

  |  September 15, 2018

The Rockland County-based arts center kicks of its 2018-2019 season with a mellow shindig taking place at the Garner Historic District…

…and, they’re inviting you to join them. Situated with the three adjoining alleyway and warehouse spaces that make up the 19th-century historic district, the Brick Alley Block Party will offer a low-key night of art installations, live music, food, and beer. The festivities start at 6:30pm on Saturday, September 22 and wrap up at 11:30pm.  Tickets are $12 in advance, and $15 at the door. Senior, student, military, GARNER Arts Center member, and tenant ticket-buyers get 10% off admission.


Interdisciplinary artist Charles Dennis will bring “Avant-Garde-Arama” to the Block Party. Channeling the spirit of the legendary 1980s East Village’s performance art series, “Avant-Garde-Arama” will be in Rockland County for the Block Party only, so don’t miss out on this cutting-edge performance.

The party will also feature short works of dance, film, music, performance art, and poetry occurring in different locations throughout the evening.

Dancing Under the Stars

Don’t go home early. Stay for the late-night DJ set courtesy DJ Papi Blaze in Brick Alley. While you’re already staying up too late, might as well have some beer. Industrial Arts Brewing Company provides the grown-up beverages, so plan to dance the night away in the adjoining alleyways and warehouses of a 19th-century factory-turned-maker village.

Ready to join the fun? Buy Brick Alley Block Party tickets here, and find out more about the Block Party at

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Operating within a 19th-century re-purposed textiles mill, GARNER Arts Center is an inter-disciplinary arts center that aims to advance the creation and presentation of contemporary, experiential art. GARNER provides are variety of art forms in order to enrich, educate, and connect diverse audiences, and its vision includes fostering a thriving arts, business and cultural district, and encourages collaboration between makers and the creative sector. Visit for more information on exhibitions, events, educational programs, and membership.

About Garner Arts Center

GARNER Arts Center is an interdisciplinary arts center that advances the creation and presentation of contemporary, experiential art within a re-purposed 19th century textile mill complex. By providing access to a wide range of art forms, the organization strives to enrich, educate and connect diverse audiences. GARNER Arts Center is committed to igniting and realizing artistic ideas that emerge as a response to societal, economic, historic and environmental stimuli.

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