You’re Not Ready for this Glorious 1970s Mansion in Garrison, NY, $3.75M

  |  October 19, 2021
garrison mansion

Get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor when you see more of this 1970s Garrison mansion designed by a renowned architect. 

Those versed in the world of architectural design history will recognize the name of this property’s designer, Paul Mayén. For those not yet in-the-know, Mayén was one of the architects who worked on Fallingwater with Frank Lloyd-Wright, which explains a lot about why this sprawling, post-modern, partially-Grecian-inspired estate looks the way it does.

Not only does the 9,707-square-foot interior feature swathes of glass and marble flooring, it’s crisp-and-cool dressed all in white, so leave your shoes outside the front door…

garrison mansion

…before you step inside the gallery-esque rooms designed specifically to show off your impressive collection of vases and pots…

…as well as large-scale pieces, thanks to ample empty wall space. Built-in furniture means you can go truly Minimalist, if you so choose.

garrison mansion

Expecting a fab kitchen inside this 1970s masterpiece? Well, guess what? You’re gonna get one. What do you call a “kitchen” minus the “kitsch”?

The floor-plan is divided into two separate living spaces conjoined by an 83-foot glass walkway, which leads to three of the five bedrooms, all of which allow you the chance to soak up some Vitamin D before you’re even gotten out of your 1,000-thread-count luxury bedsheets. Additionally, all six baths and set up like the home day-spa you deserve.

Speaking of home day-spas, back in the main house, there’s an indoor pool/super-cool water feature with access to a large exterior patio.

garrison mansion

The 14.5-acre grounds feature an impressive array of green space, Greco-Roman-inspired structures and statues, waterfalls, ponds, gardens…obelisks…we could go on about these grounds, but we’ll let these dreamy photos do the talking, instead…

garrison mansion

All of this glass and wonder is located five miles south of Garrison hamlet in Putnam, County, NY.

garrison mansion

Got the dough for this jaw-dropping Garrison mansion? Find out more about 1 Webb Trail, Garrison, NY from Sotheby’s

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