Got Cash? Get Started on this 1930s Brick House for $99K

  |  July 13, 2020
germantown brick

Built to last even if stripped down to its very bones, this potential-packed Germantown brick house is ready for a modern revival. 

Be warned: If you’re new to renovating or lack the funds to hire someone to do it for you, best to move along to something less ambitious. Not scared away yet and got a deposit ready to go? Let’s take a brief tour of this property, situated just a few miles south of Germantown hamlet in Columbia County, NY.

germantown brick

The tour is brief because the listing offers a limited look at the 2,736-square-foot home. Suffice it to say, the home needs absolutely everything that goes inside of a house, from floor to ceiling. Its brick walls, however, look sturdy and ready to support the next phase of this house’s future, and recent structural work has already been done.

germantown brick

There are four bedrooms and two baths ready to be fleshed out here, sitting on a lot that’s less than 4,000 square feet in size. That’s a bit of a postage stamp, but with the charming and stylishly-rural hamlet of Germantown nearby, you might not be bothered. Just make sure you have enough cash for a deposit. According to the listing, the first deposit in is “it”!

Some real talk on location: There’s a firehouse right across the street. Having lived next door to a firehouse in the past, I can attest to how loud those sirens can get, especially in the middle of the night while you’re fast asleep. Maybe that won’t be a problem here due to either lack of activity, or the fact that you are a heavy sleeper. Either way, as they say, forewarned is forearmed with earplugs.

germantown brick

Got the cash and know-how to fix up this Germantown brick house? Find out more about 68 Firehouse Road, Germantown, NY here

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