Get Cozy in this Andes Cottage near the Pepacton Reservoir, $109,900

  |  August 31, 2015
514 rich road andes ny

If you’re wondering what’s driving people to the Catskills, you might look to homes like this cottage as partly to blame. Situated in the most bucolic of settings, the interior of the 700 sq.ft. 1 bed/1 bath dwelling is cozy (real estate parlance for “small”), but outside, you’ll be frolicking on 3.67 acres of land surrounded by lush vegetation, meticulous landscaping with gardens, rolling hillsides, and stunning vistas during all four seasons. That’s the other selling point: This isn’t a seasonal cottage. It’s set up for use year-round. So while bungalow owners are zipping up their summer homes for the cold season, the lucky owner of this cottage will be sipping coffee on the front porch until it’s too cold to do so. Located in Delaware County a short distance from the Pepacton Reservoir, close to Margaretville and Andes.

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514 Rich Road, Andes (Upper Delaware Real Estate)

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