Getting Around Ulster County for $1.25

  |  October 15, 2013

Recently, we took to the interweb to figure out how we could get from Newburgh to New Paltz on a car-free budget. The Trailways would take us there, a couple of times a day. But then there was something called the UCAT: Ulster County Area Transit. And guess what it cost? That’s right: a buck twenty-five. There are similar transportation options in Dutchess County, too (the LOOP will take you from the Poughkeepsie Metro-North up to Bard College and back, for instance), and clearly the UCAT makes it into Orange County, too. We give this experience a full thumbs up. It also opens up the possibilities for car-free country houses. If you can find a place along the LOOP or UCAT routes, you can make it work on public transit.

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