Getting Gothic in the Catskills, $299,000

  |  March 13, 2015
1110 goshen tpk middletown ny

Gothic Victorians are kind of the unicorns of Victorian houses around the Upstater area. We must have pawed through hundreds of listings for Victorians, and we can count on one hand the number of Gothics we unearthed. We get why. Who would want to part with one of these beauties? They’re pretty much the ultimate in antique collecting (or dollhouse collecting), and although this fine example in Sullivan County needs some fixing up, the details possessed herein are simply divine, like the lightest, most delicate Chantilly lace handkerchief. Could be an extremely satisfying restoration project. Sits on an acre of land in southern Sullivan County due west of Newburgh. Lots more images of the interior can be found here.

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1110 Goshen Turnpike, Middletown (Rand Realty) GMAP

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