Eco-Friendly, Passive Solar Home in Ghent, NY, $509K

  |  March 30, 2020
ghent contemporary

This Ghent Contemporary house is more than just a pretty face: Energy-efficient insulation and passive solar keeps it warm at a low cost. 

There’s nothing like a global pandemic to make us wonder if we shouldn’t plan ahead just a little better for the next Apocalypse. If you’ve been having the same thoughts and considering buying a new home in the Hudson Valley and Catskills, you’ll want to hang around Upstater this week (keeping a respectful and six-foot distance, of course) because we’ve been scouring the listings for eco-friendly, energy-efficient, solar- and generator-powered, or off-grid properties. We’re starting this week with this luminous four-bedroom home constructed using cotton batting and straw bale insulation.

ghent contemporary

While its style is reminiscent of an old-fashioned thatched-roof cottage from Ireland, it’s modern through-and-through, built in 2010 and designed to harness the sun’s warmth for passive solar heat in the wintertime. Radiant heat floors help in that regard, too. Practical bells-and-whistles aside, the 1,800-square-foot interior is refreshing and light, complete with a mix of tile and pine board flooring…

ghent contemporary ghent contemporary ghent contemporary

…and comes with four bedrooms and two full baths.

Also included on the 7.29-acre property is a charming guest/carriage house, equipped with roof-top solar panels to power it while still managing to look all the world like an enchanted fairy-tale cottage that could magically produce income once you can rent it out.

ghent contemporary ghent contemporary

The property is situated in rural Columbia County, NY, convenient to the Taconic State Parkway and located about a 20-minutes’ drive from Hudson, NY on the Hudson River.

Ready to get your hands on this Ghent Contemporary house? Find out more about 7 Spring Hill Lane, Ghent, NY from Beach & Bartolo

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