Give this Gilboa Farmhouse a Makeover, $89K

  |  March 19, 2021

gilboa farmhouse

Is this Gilboa farmhouse the last affordable home in the Catskills? It’s entirely possible, so act fast if you think you might buy this potential beauty. 

Bound and determined to provide you with a five-figure property on Fridays, regardless of how difficult it’s become to find such a unicorn-like bargain, we dug through the listings until they brought us to southern Schoharie County, NY. Situated on the Schoharie Reservoir, Gilboa snuggles up to the Delaware County line and offers a natural setting surrounded by waterfalls, wildlife, and easy access to popular Catskills spots like Roxbury, Prattsville, and Windham Mountain. In other words, if you’re the type of person who needs complimentary cold-brew served at your favorite co-working space, Gilboa might not work for you.

But, if tending to a small just-under-an-acre property and fixing up the six-bedroom farmhouse that goes with it, then welcome home…

…but, before you make yourself too comfortable in the 2,189-square-foot interior, prepare to take down some faux wood paneling, remove carpeting, and work on the floors.

gilboa farmhouse

The kitchen sports some older appliances, but it still functions and stands ready to be turned into something a little more home-chef-worthy, and it comes with an adjacent dining area.

gilboa farmhouse

Six bedrooms is a lot (three on the main floor, three on the second floor), so a couple of those bedrooms are on the small side, but some are large and come with closet space.

gilboa farmhouse

In addition to a back deck off the living room, there’s also a lower-level single-car garage. The property sits in a spot with plenty of sun, so gardening is a possibility on the .85-acre lot, which also comes with its own stream.

gilboa farmhouse

Ready to get to work on this Gilboa farmhouse? Find out more about 630 State Route 30, Gilboa, NY from Coldwell Banker Prime Properties

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