Gingerbread Victorian on Greenwood Lake, $1.7 million

  |  September 18, 2014
11 lodge dr greenwood lake ny

Greenwood Lake is an interesting spot. Half of the lake is in Orange County, while the other half is in New Jersey. Naturally, we’re looking at the Orange County side at this painted lady with its own private beach on the lake. The wraparound porch is the spot to catch the good views, while the interior has kept that old-fashioned Victorian lodge feeling that fits its lakeside location. All of that dark wood isn’t really our cup of tea, and neither are the floral wallpaper borders in some of the rooms. We find the brick portion of the fireplace off-putting (it reminds us a little too much of a pizza parlor), but this is whole lotta nit-pickery for a grand dame of a property that includes all of kinds of original details, like pocket doors, stained glass, hardwood maple floors, cherry wood pillars, the list goes on and on. It might be too tucked away to be considered a landmark, but it’s an historic beauty, nonetheless.

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Beds: 8

Baths: 3

Square Feet: $4385

Lot Size: .41 acres

Taxes: $14,638

11 Lodge Drive, Greenwood Lake (Rand Realty) GMAP

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