Going Back in Time: It’s Historic Homes Week!

  |  April 20, 2015
bartlett house

If there’s one thing we Upstaters love, it’s old stuff. In my town of Saugerties, all it takes is a quick walk down a village street on a Saturday to see that antiques do a brisk trade, and that’s pretty much what it’s like in a lot of these upstate villages and towns (we’re looking at you, Rhinebeck and Hudson). Owning an historic home is the pinnacle of antique collecting, not to mention the fact that all of your pretty antique furniture, doors, light fixtures, and chachkas will have a suitable place to live. So this week, we’ll be exploring the historic properties market around the Upstater area. Each day, we’ll post a mix of older homes, some on the Historic Registries, some not but distinctive enough to warrant mention, all of them kind of amazing. Take your seat next to us in the Way Back Machine and stay tuned…

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