Going (Country) Chic in the Catskills

  |  July 11, 2013
Photo from Remodelista

The attic room at Table on Ten/Photo from Remodelista

A few weeks ago we profiled a t-shirt (yes, sometimes a t-shirt is a hot news item at Upstater). It read “Catskills vs. Hamptons” and was the promotional property of the sleek and yet rustic Graham + Co hotel in Phoenicia. The hotel has been getting a lot of press lately, and it’s not alone in bringing this particular aesthetic to the Catskills. There’s The Sullivan, a chic-boutique outlet in, you guessed it, Sullivan County, and now we’ve been turned on to Table on Ten in Bloomsville. It brands itself as a “gathering place,” with two rooms for rent and a menu that includes lemon-marinated fennel with olive oil from the beloved Brooklyn+Manhattan restaurant Frankie’s and pie from Brooklyn’s Four+20 Blackbirds. A bit of a theme there — rather than importing upstate produce and culture to the city, Brooklyn is exporting its wares and aesthetic to the north.

Table on Ten got a nice write-up on the wonderful Remodelista site, which is where we first spied the pictures and admired their expert use of gray — so soft and subtle and soothing, and yet not at all grim. We’re noticing this design aesthetic in many of these new business in upstate New York: the artisanal-crazed Brooklynites bringing their rustic-modern sensibility to the country, stainless steel meets reclaimed wood. And we like it. We’re wondering if it appeals mostly to visiting New Yorkers or if locals cotton to it, too. If you don’t know the answer, take a look at the photos after the jump and let us know.

all photos from Remodelista.

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