Got Broadband? If Not, Tell Columbia County

  |  August 22, 2012

So, the dearth of good high-speed internet connections continues to plague upstate New York. It’s one of the challenges upstaters face in improving our economy and marketing our region. Of course, a few spots could profit from this, if they offer internet-free stays (one of the joys of modern life: no cell service or internet). But for the rest of upstate, yeah, we need high speed.

So, some folks in Columbia County want to know just who is without, reports the Register-Star. The way to do this: add your location to New York State’s Broadband Mapping Project. You can report an unserved address (from any spot in New York) here. Whether that means a FiOS rep or someone from Time Warner will be showing up the next week to hook you up remains to be seen. Please let us know if you see any vast improvements in upstate New York high-speed internet access. Our readers definitely want to know where the hot spots, and the cold spots, are.

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