Storybook Victorian in Great Barrington, MA, $365K

  |  December 28, 2020
great barrington victorian

Big and beautiful, this Great Barrington Victorian comes with a bunch of interior space and sits walking-distance to town. 

It might be rough around the edges, cosmetically-speaking, but there’s no denying the charm that comes included with this four-bedroom, 3,060-square-foot home situated walking-distance from Great Barrington, MA’s businesses. You’ll experience that charm right from the get-go when you step onto the gingerbread front porch…

great barrington victorian

…which leads into the home’s main hallway, with a living room on one side and a parlor on the other, separated by French doors.

The light-filled living room comes with cathedral ceilings and a marble fireplace…

great barrington victorian

…and there are wood floors throughout the first floor…

…along with built-ins and original woodwork, doors, hardware, and wall paneling.

great barrington victorian

While the kitchen is certainly serviceable, it could use remodeling to highlight its finer points, like its generous size and center island sink.

Along with a bedroom and full bath on the first floor, there are three more bedrooms and two full baths on the second floor

The distinctive Dutch-style home features upper-level windows that open onto a shared balcony, likely a throw-back to when this house was divided into apartments, as the listing states.

great barrington victorian

The parcel sits in the midst of the western-Massachusetts town of Great Barrington, where we will be all this week on Upstater, featuring our favorite local listings. Stay tuned!

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