Have We Missed the Window on Upstate Real Estate?

  |  June 4, 2012

We’re pretty sure the answer is no, but an article in this weekend’s NY Times about Brooklyn real estate — newsflash: it’s way inflated — and a post from an upstate broker about the uptick in upstate New York real estate activity got us thinking. We started Upstater partly because some of us know we’re not likely to own a bit of Brooklyn real estate without a winning Lotto ticket (and we never buy those, even the non-winning ones). But, like tens of thousands of other New Yorkers, we thought we might be able to afford a house, a spit of land, up yonder in upstate.

It seems, though, that enough of us are thinking the same thing that it’s starting to make an impact on the market, or at least get more folks out there browsing, if not buying. Do you guys think the window is closing? Are there still upstate New York bargains to be had? And brokers, if you’re reading (and we know you are!), shout out some of your best-bet properties!

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