Help this Filmmaker Finish “Newburgh: Beauty and Tragedy”

  |  April 27, 2016
william st newburgh ny

William Street, Newburgh. Via Wiki.

According to the Kickstarter campaign to put the finishing touches on this documentary, “Newburgh: Beauty & Tragedy” is “a film about Newburgh NY, where people live in poverty and amongst violence, yet love and courage persist.” That’s enough to make us hanker to see what it’s all about. The shooting is mostly complete, but it appears the film, which is directed by Dmitri Kasterine based on his experiences photographing Newburgh, needs editing and re-shoots. We’re hankering to see this doc made, particularly since we’ve thought a lot about Newburgh’s issues in terms of this very statement (also on the Kickstart page), right here:

“Miraculously, downtown Newburgh is still a beautiful place. A little of the resplendent Victorian architecture escaped the wrecker’s ball and the people, mostly from the Caribbean or the South, have wit, courage, and stately composure.

Over the years there have been efforts to revitalize the city at large. Currently artists are moving up from Brooklyn, and a smartly painted café or two dot the raw and bare streets. Sadly this has done little for the majority who are immersed in conditions of unmaintained houses and joblessness.”

That cuts right to Newburgh’s crux, doesn’t it? Donate to the film project here.

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