A Hidden Bargain in Woodstock Village, $229,000

  |  March 14, 2016
7 pine grove st woodstock ny

Since when is a home that costs $272/square foot a bargain? When it’s in Woodstock, apparently. But a bargain it is, compared to its neighbors, and part of the reason why could be due to its location abutting the CVS parking lot. Not the most idyllic of views, but all one needs to do is throw a mini-apple orchard in the front yard and suddenly, you’re looking at magic:

7 pine grove st woodstock ny4 7 pine grove st woodstock ny2

See? Not so bad, right? Neither is the interior. In fact, it looks squeaky-clean and move-in ready with 2 beds/1 bath, plenty of natural light, 1/18th of an acre, and a detached garage. What’s more, you can walk to everything in the village including restaurants, shops, and the Trailways bus stop. Since we’re talking about music towns this week, we had to mention Woodstock. How could we not? Woodstock ’69 didn’t take place there, but in Woodstock, they’re all about the music. Bearsville Theater is just up the road a piece, and we heard a rumor that the former Colony Cafe has a new owner and could continue as a music venue. Please let it be so.

7 pine grove st woodstock ny5 7 pine grove st woodstock ny6 7 pine grove st woodstock ny3 7 pine grove st woodstock ny7

7 Pine Grove Street, Woodstock (Win Morrison)

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