Hide Away in The Hills in New Lebanon, $129,000

  |  April 10, 2015

With five acres of forested, uninterruptible isolation, this could be the perfect weekend retreat to finally finish your memoirs. It’s tucked away in the hills of New Lebanon, and comes complete with a woodburning stove for comforting, cozy heat. It also features high ceilings in the living room and long glass windows on one side for passive solar heating and some great views. There’s a neat loft space as well we might turn into an office just to enhance the effect of glaring down at our family to tell them to keep it down. That’s if we could get a desk up there, but at only $129,000 we might have a little cash left over to hire some help, unless we get our family to do it.

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Bedrooms: 4

Baths: 1

Sq Footage: 1,230

Lot Size: 5 acres

Taxes: $1,926

140 Chair Factory Rd, New Lebanon, (The Kinderhook Group, Inc.) GMAP

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