High Drama in a Converted Woodstock Barn, $869,000

  |  March 30, 2015
34 elwyn woodstock ny

Have you been to the Hawthorn Gallery in Woodstock? The barn that houses the eclectic antiques contained therein is on the market, and it’s seriously drool-worthy. This seems to be one of those barn conversions that involved a massive restructuring of the interior. Because, after all:


Sometimes it’s best to just let the memes to the talking. Anyway, what a beautiful conversion that manages to capture the airy spaciousness of a barn while still designated separate spaces. The old beams are still being utilized, and we love the artistic touches like stained glass, a cupola, fancy double doors, and a tiled wood stove backsplash in the main room. Do we even need to discuss the massive windows allowing the outside to pour in? We get that the antiques don’t come with the property, but that’s not going to stop us from wishing it to be so. Situated on a less than a half-acre lot right in the heart of Woodstock village.

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