Historic Apartment-Crowned Barn

  |  August 7, 2015
Windham 2

Price/night: $79
Accommodations: Apartment space over a turn of the century barn
Max guests: 4
Min stay: Varies

House description:
A 2 bedroom, entire apartment rental under $100/night is a catch in any area upstate. The cozy, centrally located abode smack dab in the mountains is perfect for summer fun or winter adventures. It isn’t the biggest space, but it has access to a yard and has a locale convenient to all sorts of activities, especially those offered at Windham Mountain. As recommended by the homeowner, who lives on the property but separately from the apartment, the proximity of Zoom Flume water park and Howe Caverns also provide access to weekend activities for all ages. When it comes to dinner time, if you don’t feel like taking advantage of the cute little kitchen, the owners are close by, so a recommendation for dinner or drinks is just a few steps away. Personally, I think a day’s hike followed by drinks in front of the fire pit is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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