Historic Davis House, $260,000

  |  August 25, 2015
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Built in 1726 and originally operating as the Davis Tavern, the Davis House has seen about as much history as this country has to offer. Not only is it at a ripe age older than that of our US of A, it also served as the public meeting place for Marbletown’s antebellum business. Though not originally intended as a single family home, the 2 bed, 2 bath structure is ample size at 1,351 square feet. No promises about the quality of insulation, but the large stone fireplace in the main room is impressive and, during the winter, surely able to keep the place toasty by means of a roaring fire. The interior could use some renovating, and probably needs it, but the roots of this Kingston historical site are strong.

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2906 Route 209, Kingston (Coldwell Banker Village Green)

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