It’s Historic Properties and Landmarks Week!

  |  September 15, 2014
belvedere mansion

Belvedere Mansion, Staatsburg: $3.97 million

Oh, the allure of the historic property. We know it well. In fact, we often find ourselves daydreaming about living in one of these homes with so many stories locked up within their walls. While engaging in just that type of daydreaming, we discovered a few historic properties that are also well-known landmarks in the Upstater area. The Belvedere Mansion, for example (depicted above), is one such property. The well-known historic estate/wedding and event destination looms on a hill off of Route 9, a bright white Greek Revival with grand pillars and ornate details. You’ve probably seen it. It’s hard to miss as you’re zooming between Rhinebeck and Hyde Park (or vice versa) in Dutchess County. Think you might want it? Now’s your chance. It’s on the market for $3.97 million. We’ll go into more details about Belvedere later this week, along with a few other landmarks as well as properties that are not necessarily landmarks but are old and represent unique design. Take note: There are pros and cons to owning historic properties, as you’ve probably guessed. Antiquated architecture and infrastructure could be a concern, but sometimes, tax credits are available for owning properties listed on the National Historic Registry. As always, it’s good to research and reality-check with your realtor.


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