“Honeysuckle Rose” in Tannersville, $899,000

  |  August 18, 2015
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This Tudor style estate has been on the market for less than a week and it’d be surprising if it stays for much longer. The Tannersville locale is perfect for Catskills events, be they summery or snowy, and the 6 beds and 7 baths is perfect to host a modest B+B. The size of the home, however, is spacious at 7,000 square feet and is placed elegantly on 6.1 acres of land. Though yellow may not be ones first choice in colors, “Honeysuckle Rose” pulls it off well. The exterior is beautifully modeled and surrounded by stone gardens; the perfect setting for upstate nuptials. The interior is open, bright and already decorated for the next owner of this turn-key home. Even if a B+B isn’t in the cards, can I make a reservation?

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912 State Route 25, Tannersville (Sotheby’s)

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