How Do You Say Cucumber in Yiddish?

  |  July 26, 2012

That’s just what some young farmers are figuring out up in Goshen, NY, as they rake, hoe, plant and reap, all while speaking Yiddish.

“The idea of Yiddish Farm is simple, if novel. Bass and his partner, Naftali Ejdelman (the son of Forverts editor and staff writer Rukhl Schaechter), aim to create both an immersive environment for speaking and learning Yiddish and a model of sustainable agriculture. In this, their first real season, they have attracted a handful of full-time participants to live and work on their property in Goshen for the summer,” reports the Forward.

They’re growing Yukon Gold potatoes, white beets, garlic, spinach, oats, carrots, wheat, dill, sunflowers and zucchini, among other veggie and fruit delights — most of the ingredients needed to make borscht and matzoh ball soup.

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