Stone House Grandeur, Hudson City Edition, $925K

  |  March 20, 2018

Think a big Hudson NY stone building is impossible to find these days for under one million bucks? Think again…

And by big, we mean 7,000 square feet. So, really big. Situated down an alley just off of Warren Street, this stone carriage house offers a stellar live/work situation in one of the Hudson Valley’s most creative towns.

On the upstairs level, an open loft bathed in natural light the encompasses a living room, kitchen, and sleeping area. Original ceiling beams and plank floorboards remain, and repurposed barn doors add more quirky flare to an already eclectic space. Speaking of quirky flare, the interior also has a working hand-pulleyed elevator/lift. How cool is that?

On the ground floor of this building, it’s all business with room for offices, galleries, retail show room, and storage.

With a “wow” factor this high – plus the fact that it’s located in one of the most sought-after areas east of the Hudson River – we were surprised that it was going for around $132/square foot. We suspect it may not last on the market for long…unless the property taxes get in the way. According to the listing, they were nearly $14K last year.

Regardless, a creative entrepreneur could make this place into a hub of operations and live in it, too. Who wouldn’t want to with a view like this?


Need to make this Hudson NY stone building your live/work dream come true? Find out more about 705-707 Cherry Alley, Hudson from Halstead

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