Hudson Valley, #2 Spot to Visit in the U.S.!

  |  January 12, 2012

That according to Lonely Planet, as reported on Hudson Valley Insider. Of course, just what do they mean by Hudson Valley? That could be Tarrytown or Hudson, couldn’t it? “It’s a real city break, with leafy drives, wineries and plenty of farm-to-table foodie options that draw even spoiled-for-choice Manhattanites away from the city. A favorite spot to stay is straight out of a B-52s video. No surprise. It’s former ‘52 singer Kate Pierson’s Lazy Meadow, a renovated ‘50s cabin complex near Woodstock designed by the same pals who did up the ‘Love Shack’ for the video.”

Yes, Lazy Meadow is great. Is it in the valley? I kind of think of it as being … in the mountains. But maybe my nitpicking is getting in the way of the celebration!

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