Hunker Down in a Hudson Bunker for $150,000

  |  February 25, 2015
162 rt 25 stockport ny

Our parade of unusual homes continues today with an honest-to-goodness bunker carved out of a hillside. No kidding. It’s located in the town of Stockport a few miles north of Hudson in Columbia County, right on the Claverack Creek. Well, okay. It’s actually not that weird. The structure was originally intended to be the basement for a house that was meant to be built on top of it, but that second part never happened. In addition to the bunker space, which, according to the listing, has radiant heat and plumbing hook-ups in place, the property includes 1.73 acres of land. So, what would you do with a partially-underground bunker? We might consider going full Hobbit, planting grass all over it, and creating a round door for an entryway. Because who doesn’t want to live in the Shire? The property taxes are so low because the property is technically designated vacant land.

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162 Route 25, Stockport (Peggy Lampman) GMAP (approx)


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