FOR SALE: Historic Castle in Idyllic Garrison, NY for $5,000,000

  |  February 12, 2019

The Hurst-Pierrepont Estate might be a pipe-dream, but it never hurts to take the penny tour just in case you hit the lotto. 

Upstater is visiting Cold Spring in Putnam County this week, and while we’re in the neighborhood, we’re taking a short trip south to the hamlet of Garrison, full of historic charm and high-priced properties.

The Hurst-Pierrepont Estate might be a cool five mil, but it costs nothing to flip through the photos and marvel at this American Gothic mansion designed by Andrew Jackson Davis – who also designed the Lyndhurst Mansion and the “tomb” for the Yale secret society Skull & Bones – in the late 1860s. U.S. Attorney General Edwards Pierrepont commissioned Davis to build the estate, and it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.

The entrance to the front door feels more like a cloister than a front porch, with sharped-pointed Gothic arches framing the property’s lush surroundings…

…and, the 7,493-square-foot interior is easy on the eyes, as well, and packed with Gilded-Age details like the curved main staircase, arched floor-to-ceiling windows, crown molding, multiple fireplaces, and original fixtures.

Ah, and who among us hasn’t wished to ring the butler for breakfast in bed?

There are five bedrooms total, several with fireplaces and more striking paned glass windows.

There are two pools on this 20-acre property: One for the main house, and one for the carriage house. Take your pick! Dramatic, hilly vistas provide the backdrop, with a carpet of rolling grass lined by old stone walls set the stage for this gracious Hudson Valley estate.

We’re thinking…wedding venue?

hurst-pierrepont estate

Find out more about the Hurst-Pierrepont Estate from Robert A. McCaffrey Realty

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