HV Real Estate Brokers Take Note: This is How to Sell a House

  |  December 9, 2014

Okay, maybe it adds a bit to overhead… and there’s probably liability to consider — do those things even have seatbelts? But seriously. How cool is this?! Apparently, the seller of this home in Ermelo, Holland, was the fortunate beneficiary of this awesome publicity stunt, put together by Dutch bank ABN AMRO.

rollercoaster4 rollercoaster3 rollercoaster

It’s a flippin’ roller-coaster house tour! And while I’m willing to admit the impracticality of such an endeavor (okay, okay, it’s totally impractical), it does beg the question: How creative can real estate brokers and home sellers get? What is the coolest incentive you’ve seen to check out a house on the market?

The roller-coaster house tour was apparently one of a series of promotional campaigns and events executed by the bank but definitely the coolest (among a series of bus stop posters, highway billboards and Facebook ads). How many offers do you wager the seller got on condition of the roller coaster staying?

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