I Want This House: Rhinebeck Schoolhouse, $395,000

  |  October 4, 2011

Lots of folks write to us asking us to list their places (and taking advantage of the fact that we don’t yet have a listings section — we’re still searching for a great WordPress designer/developer, if you know of anyone…). We put them up if they’re something we’d personally be interested in, which is why this one had to be shared.

Although, in some ways, I don’t want any of you to go see this place because I kind of want it. We’re waiting for the owner to tell us a little more about it, including its exact location and what’s going on with the kitchen (I see a sink, but nothing else). And we’re waiting for bigger photos. BUT…like many of you, I’m a sucker for the words “converted schoolhouse,” and I love the size, look and openness of this place. Although it’s only an acre of land, it’s surrounded by an estate, so (at least according to the owner) it feels very secluded. More info and photos on the jump.

Is this the right price? It depends. Rhinebeck, NY real estate itself is pricey, and without the street address we can’t tell if this makes sense to us or not. If it’s on a busy road, that knocks a bunch of cash off what we think is a fair price. If not, and it’s close to town and to the Rhinecliff train station, it might be priced in the fair zone. It’s more than I’d like to pay for a country house—I love the deals, like so many of you, and am still considering the bungalows that are less than $30,000. But it seems special. Taxes are $6,000 a year — not terrible — and it seems very rentable. If it’s still on the market in two weeks when I next head upstate, I’ll go see it and report back…perhaps that I’ve bought it.


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