Ice Boating “Against the Wind” @ WFF

  |  October 17, 2014

For a while now, we’ve been fascinated with the practice of ice boating on the Hudson. The old sport essentially plucks the concept of sailing off of liquid water and places it on frozen water. And those ice boat really fly once the wind hits the sails, and they make the coolest noise as the glide across the surface of the river. The short documentary “Against the Wind,” created by Christopher Nostrand, Tomasz Gubernat,Teodora Altomare, Rahul Chadha, and Daniella Flores, explores this chilly pastime and its history. The movie made its world premiere at the Woodstock Film Festival today at noon, but you can also catch it again on Saturday afternoon, October 18th at Upstate Films in Rhinebeck. Show starts at 2:15pm. More on the Film Festival here. Meanwhile, wrap your head around ice boating by listening to the Chronogram Conversations podcast with director Christopher Nostrand, hosted by Brian K. Mahoney. You can subscribe to Chronogram Conversations on iTunes.

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