Illustrious Upstater Chelsea Clinton?

  |  July 18, 2012

Sam Pratt has some upstate New York gossip, that Chelsea Clinton may be in the market for a getaway in Columbia County, near Old Chatham (one of our favorite spots, with a terrific country store). “This would help explain why the former President and Secretary of State were dining with them at an unprepossessing restaurant recently in Chatham, en route to no obvious destination,” he writes.

So which house are they after? “The source’s best guess is that that the property in question might be a 6,000 square foot brick home on 20 acres with a pool, listed at $1.3 million, currently owned by the founder of a cable porn network.”

We poked around but didn’t come up with something matching that exact description, although we saw this place, for $1.25 million. Clinton style, you think?

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