Infamous Woodstock Lodge on the Market for $1.35 mill

  |  April 23, 2015
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Anybody out there in Upstater land want to take a crack at the Woodstock Lodge? Now’s your chance, since it’s currently on the market for $1.35 million. The beleaguered Woodstock inn/restaurant/bar was featured on Hotel Impossible late last year, and if you recall, things did not end well, and the owners ended up filing a suit against the Travel Channel. In fact, the show’s host, Anthony Melchiorri, along with a cadre of building professionals strongly suggested that the owners tear down the cabins. Hotel Impossible managed to fix things up a little bit, starting with the bar and working their way through the restaurant. The guest accommodations, however, still stand and come with the sale of the property, the price of which has dropped a whopping $650,000 since it was first listed back in December 2014. There’s a ton of charm and local lore contained within the Lodge (I used to do karaoke here years ago), and we think new owners could breathe fresh life into this place. And, it’s already got the built-in publicity. For the price, you get a restaurant, bar, outdoor pool, and 12 cabins. Get your bulldozer ready.

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Square Feet: 12,229

Lot Size: 6.48 acres

Taxes: $12,099

20 Country Club Lane, Woodstock (William Raveis Baer & McIntosh) GMAP

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