Getting to Know the Hudson River Exchange

  |  May 31, 2018

Have you heard of the Hudson River Exchange? If not, keep reading to find out more about the Hudson-based creative collective…

Making art can be a lonely endeavor, but for the past five years, the Hudson River Exchange (HRE) has been working on changing that in their own backyards. The creative collective, co-founded by designer Stella Yoon and entrepreneur Katherine Moore, aims to unite the artists and creatives that have been flocking to Columbia County for the better part of the past decade under one tent, both literally and figuratively.

Five years ago, HRE hosted the first curated artisan craft fair, which drew record attendance and caught the eye of design aficionados. Those beginnings eventually spawned official headquarters in downtown Hudson that are part-retail space/part-community center, hosting monthly trunk-shows for featured sellers and holding workshops.

Meet the Co-Founders

“I’ve been the beneficiary of gracious, open, and creative people,” says Yoon. Her varied career in the arts includes retail and editorial design and styling roles, visual merchandiser, prop stylist, and graphic designer. Through this path, Yoon has honed her gift for creating rich visual narratives. She says, “Hudson River Exchange is where I get to share everything I’ve learned.”

Co-founder Katherine Moore has always had a strong aesthetic sensibility but once viewed art as a career choice for only a select few. After moving to the Hudson Valley, however, Moore began to embrace the blurred lines between art and business. The former registered nurse helped launch a handful of values-led businesses, cementing her preference for partnership and collaboration, eventually leading to the co-founding of Hudson River Exchange. “There’s a creative spirit here,” said Moore of the Hudson Valley. “Art is more of a way of life.”

This summer, HRE will be hosting a number of events, including the 6th Annual Summer Market, June 23 and 24, and the 2nd Annual Take Care Fair, focused on personal care and wellness, June 30 and July 1. Stay tuned to Upstater to find out more about these events.

The Hudson River Exchange is located at 514 Warren Street, Hudson, NY. For more information on HRE events, workshops, and studio/retail hours of operation, visit

About Hudson River Exchange

In the five years since its debut market, Hudson River Exchange has expanded to offer year-round programming to the growing creative community. Now at the helm, co-founders Stella Yoon and Katherine Moore strive to help artists like themselves collaborate and connect. Their headquarters, in Hudson’s historic downtown, is part retail space part community center, hosting monthly trunk-shows for featured sellers, as well as workshops to help entrepreneurs make the leap from hobbyists to small business owners. HRE is proud to play an integral role in Hudson’s diverse creative economy, and thrilled to see so many indie businesses flourishing outside of an urban center.

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