Invest in Downtown Kingston’s History and Future, $559,000 – PENDING OFFER

  |  August 15, 2017

This commercial/mixed-use brick building is an historic jewel in Kingston’s bustling Rondout neighborhood. Originally built in 1820, this 3,866-square-foot space includes the depicted retail storefront adorned with details like pressed tin ceilings, leaded glass, and ceiling medallions. Also includes studio space, five apartments (seven, if you count the two that come with the detached house, but more on that later), and large garage. Dreaming of a live/work situation? This might be the place.

In the past, this brick building served as a tack house for horses and, later, as a bakery for 50 years. It’s a wonder that it’s still standing given the razing of historic Rondout architecture that occurred in the late 1960s. Find out more about that unfortunate event in Kingston’s rich history here.

Situated close to businesses on the Strand, as well as the Armadillo, Forsyth B&B, and a forthcoming luxury condo complex. The property includes a two family brick house separated from the commercial property by a courtyard.

Why are we including it if it has a “pending offer”? Because things don’t always work out, and if they don’t, this is a great property that someone should buy. So, don’t get your hopes up…but also kind of do.

101 Abeel Street/80 W. Union Street, Kingston (Westwood Metes & Bounds)



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