Jeffersonville: Land of Classic Victorians, $179,000

  |  July 2, 2015

Jeffersonville seems chock-full of classic Victorians just waiting for their one true home owner. Here’s yet another, right off route 52 and perched above a small neighborhood with astounding views. Built in 1904, it has the stained glass and wood detail to show for it. Hardwood floors and doorframes abound; we couldn’t walk up the glorious staircase without stalling and staring at the gorgeous stained glass window every single time. One concern with the listing is how a 3,152 sq. ft. home can have 9 beds and little to no pictures of bedrooms. Counting out sorcery or an underground bunker, we suggest a visit with expectations of TLC and far less beds. A new paint job and wall paper wouldn’t be so bad either.

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18 Terrace Ave. Jeffersonville, NY (Catskill Sales Associates)

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