Jewel Tones on Your Walls

  |  March 19, 2015

It seems hardly a year goes by when we don’t see jewel tones in one incarnation or another when we consider women’s fashion. In particular they seem to make their way into evening wear. The colors are deep and rich and flatter most complexions. They speak of high-end luxury, wealth and nobility harkening back to the purple robes of the monarchs and the tones of their jewels. Likewise, each paint company includes jewel tones when they create their trend palettes and color inspiration for the year. Certainly there’s been lots of commentary on Pantone’s Color of the Year, Marsala, a muddy, brown maroon.

Jewel tones are beautiful in the home. They require a number of features to really work as best as possible. The first is natural light. If that is not present then particular care must be paid to creating dramatic lighting in the room with artificial light. The next is similar tones. If you’re going for the drama of jewel tones it works best not mix in more than a very few neutrals in your décor. Size is important as well. I believe they work best in small and mid sized rooms. Large rooms will overpower with such saturated and dark hues. Lastly, mixing cool and warm colors together with your accessories and decor. It can become overwhelming very fast, if the room is monochromatic.


Jewel tone bathroom

great-mix Screen-Shot-2015-03-16-at-6.48.39-PM

A beautiful mix of cool and warm jewel tones


Amethyst rooms

Here are some good attempts that start with stunning wall color but miss. The décor and walls match, creating a very monotone, boring atmosphere, despite the lovely color.


Jewel tone rooms that are too monochromatic

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