Is it Five Figure Friday Already? Nope, Just Another Day in Rensselaer County NY…

  |  October 11, 2017
Rensselaer County NY

No need to adjust your calendars, Upstaters. It is not Friday (sorry to disappoint). Therefore, it cannot be Five Figure Friday, but up in Rensselaer County NY, it matters not the day of the week. There are plenty of affordable properties on the market.

This four bedroom, 2,044-square-foot Hoosick Falls, Rensselaer County home is impressive for its listing price. Aside from its substantial size, it’s got some aesthetic features we enjoy like exposed brick, wood floors, built-in shelves, a living room wood stove, pocket doors…you get the picture. Oh look! Here are some pictures!

Rensselaer County NY

See? We knew you’d like it. The property sits on a full acre of land in the village of Hoosick Falls situated nearly an hour north of Troy, NY. Now you know why the property is listed for less than $50/square foot. It’s 3.5 hours from NYC, making it located in what we consider to be the true Upstate NY.

However, if you’re not tied to location in order to live your life (shout out to fellow self-employed Upstaters!), this is a serious bargain. Acreage includes woods, lawn, an old blacksmith shop (!), and storage garage.

20 Mahar Road, Hoosick Falls (Denim & Deeds Real Estate)

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