Keeping it Green on White Lake, $320,000

  |  May 11, 2015
1528 Nys Hwy 17b bethel ny

Our friends at Catskill Buyer Agency classify White Lake in Sullivan County as mid-range affordability compared to Sullivan County’s other lake communities. Other things you should know about White Lake: It’s a motorboat lake, it’s situated in the town of Bethel (AKA, the site of the original Woodstock), and it’s not the kind of place that allows for cloistered privacy and lots of space between neighbors. So, recluses in search of a lake house, take note. If, however, you love a friendly community and lots of socializing, you might dig it. Especially if you’re living in this cottage, which overlooks the south end of White Lake. The 624 sq ft house (that’s pretty small!) comes outfitted with all kinds of eco-friendly features like radiant floors, HVAC A/C, and LED lights. The deck is made from recycled materials. Yeah, the price is steep. Looking, however, remains free.

1528 Nys Hwy 17b bethel ny2 1528 Nys Hwy 17b bethel ny4 1528 Nys Hwy 17b bethel ny3 1528 Nys Hwy 17b bethel ny5 1528 Nys Hwy 17b bethel ny7

1528 Route 17B, White Lake (Catskill Castles) 

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